Refund Policy


All Sales are final, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns under any circumstances. Refunds will only be granted in the limited circumstance where you have accidentally made multiple purchases of the same Product and any such refund will be subject to transaction fees. Please be sure that any Product you are purchasing is compatible with your software or camera files (requirements are listed on the Product page), there are no refunds, exchanges or returns for incompatibility or not being satisfied with the performance of any Product. If you attempt to obtain a refund through PayPal or any other third-party payment service, Banavenue Presets will rely on these terms to prevent any refund from being granted. After purchase, Products are delivered as a digital download. Banavnue  Presets encourages you to make a backup copy of your downloaded Products, but no other copying or reproducing of Products is permitted.

All published prices and sales are in U.S. Currency. If you are purchasing from outside of Canada, Banavenue  Presets cannot be held responsible for any international or foreign transaction fees that are passed on by your credit card issuer. PLEASE NOTE: Banavenue  Presets does not accept PayPal E-Check payments.